What to expect


• First, we will discuss your remodeling project so that we have a better understanding of how to assist you in your countertop selection.

• Second, we will provide you with a little background about who we are and a general overview of our countertop products and pricing. We will schedule a tour of the facility and view the available materials. You’ll see hundreds of colors and our design consultant will help guide you in your selection of the piece that’s just right for you.

• After you select the countertop material that you love, we will fully explain the care, characteristics and recommended applications of the materials you’ve chosen as well as the process moving forward and timeline for your project.

• Lastly, if there is a granite or marble color that you wish to see but it is currently not in one of our warehouses, we will dedicate time to finding a stone supplier that has what you are looking for. We work with natural stone suppliers who are considered to be the best in the industry, so you can rest assured that you will get only the highest quality materials.

• Once you have selected your stone with Creative Surfaces, we will provide you with a line item estimate for your review.

• Our Square footage pricing includes material, measure, fabrication, and installation

• Once an estimate has been signed and all selections finalized, we will schedule a date and time to template your countertops. An experienced, qualified technician will come to your home and create a pattern of your countertop.  

• Once the details and template are completed, your project manager will then calculate the exact square footage of your project and update the estimate for your review.

Creative Surfaces takes pride in the skill and professionalism of our countertop fabricators. State-of-the-art equipment is used to fabricate every piece of stone installed by Creative Surfaces. During fabrication of your stone product into countertops, great care is taken to lay out the slab(s) to
• Minimize waste
• Blend pattern and colors
• Place seams in the best location for structural integrity and visual aesthetics.

• To become an installer for Creative Surfaces, completion of an extensive documented training program is required, which includes all aspects of not only installation, but fabrication of the stone as well.

• Because Creative Surfaces gathers all of your specifications on the front end along with such precise cutting technology, the average installation takes about four hours. It’s common for other granite countertop companies to take a full day to install.

• The installation is normally completed by a two-person crew. Projects that involve very large pieces, difficult access to the room, or a combination of the two, an additional crew may be needed. 

• Our installers also take several steps to ensure that they maintain cleanliness throughout the process by sweeping and vacuuming any debris or dust caused by the installation.

• After the surface is fully installed, our technicians will walk through the job with you, answer any questions you may have and review things like countertop care and maintenance to ensure that you are completely satisfied.